A few benefits of waxing.
Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots. No cuts or nicks from shaving. Waxing is exfoliating and healthy for the skin when done correctly. For many, waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer resulting in longer lasting beautiful skin.

How long does the hair need to be before waxing?

No hair is “too long”(please do not trim before coming). Hair that is regularly removed by razors and or trimming should be grown out three weeks to a month from the last removal for a clean, less painful waxing experience.

How long is the service?

Generally, Brazilian waxing service is no longer than 30mins. Every service has a time frame when you book the service and the times allowed for that service are accurate.

Can I come while on my menstrual cycle?

It is all about your comfort level, so come only if you are OK with it. It doesn’t matter to me at all. I just want you to be comfortable.

Does waxing hurt?

Some say yes, some say no… I say “when you come, get comfortable and let’s chat ; )”.


No hot shower or hot bath

No Sex

No working out

Do not sleep in tight clothing (panties)

Keep your skin cool and clean

Have more questions about aftercare or the waxing process contact us!