Queen Noir, Chicago’s first black-owned waxing studio

Being #1 is not always the most comfortable spot, however, here I am. I have researched intensively and have asked numerous people. I have not found another black-owned waxing studio on the south side or in Chicago. Queen Noir is not a hair or nail salon with waxing services. Queen Noir is an all wax studio! I am so proud! It is with a sense of pride and a bit of fear to state I am comfortable with challenges especially the ones that would scare the hell out of most.

I never set out to be the first black-owned waxing studio but as my career grew, I saw where the success of it was taking me. Within two years of my clientele growing, I went back to esthetic school for my instructor license so I could educate other estheticians on the proper techniques of waxing. Later in my career, after teaching on a beginner level I saw myself in my student. “Ok, I graduated, I took my state board… now what?” I just wanted to give my students everything I could in terms of knowledge.

Five years, three working locations and three classes I instructed later, Queen Noir is a growing waxing facility. This has been a learning experience and I am excited to continue to learn and grow with my clients and in the industry. Being the first black-owned waxing studio comes with many exciting opportunities in the community and abroad (Yes I’m talking to YOU world ☺). I am excited to be here and I hope that #1 will be soon followed by numerous locations elsewhere.