I’m black. I wax. I mean to pass it on!

I was 16 years old when I shaved for the first time. Because it was in an intimate place I was uncomfortable telling anyone that I wanted to shave. At the time I was living with my dad and stepmom and I was uncomfortable with sharing the information. I was on the dance team in high school and when performing that area became hot and held odor. I took matters into my own hands and it was terrible! When the hair grew back in that area it burned, it was raw, the growing hair pricked me so bad and itched like crazy!

I always tell that story to my clients who have young women in their lives looking for advice about hair removal. If someone would have taken me to get professional hair removal services it would have prevented the scarring and painful ingrown hairs I experienced. Most black women think of waxing as a service you get before you have sex. My mission is to educate my clients that waxing is not a taboo subject and that it is great skin care when done correctly.

Most women remove hair from their bodies because it makes them feel sexy and fresh. The same is felt when removing vaginal hair, however hygiene is also a part of the service for most of my clients. Some say that you need the hair “down there” to keep bacteria away, but for myself, and my clientele we have NEVER experienced any kind of bacterial infection for the lack of hair in that area. It is my opinion that in primitive times we needed the hair for protection but because our bodies are now covered with clothing we simply do not need the hair.

Waxing was something “we just don’t do”, or you were “fast” for doing it. Meaning for the black community we never took to waxing because no one we knew got waxed, and if they did, it was looked at as being an overly sexualized service. If we shaved, we all would know how that turned out… ouch… now deal with it. I mean to pass on the education of safe and sanitary hair removal for black skin because I hate to see us with sensitized skin and discoloration from improper hair removal. Since black women are becoming educated on the benefits of waxing I can see a seat at the table or better yet our bodies in sexy adds with bikinis, laid out on the beach, and carefree.